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2017 Horticulture Conference

  • Hydro Logic NZ Ltd was a key exhibitor at the national horticulture conference.
  • The annual conference is attended by upwards of 400 delegates covering growers, distributors and support bodies.
  • Much interest was received regarding soil moisture monitoring, information networks and weather stations.
  • As a first time exhibitor at this conference, we enjoyed interacting with the various sectors present and the challenges they face in the present changing market.



New Non Contact Bore Monitor Sensor

  • Finished trialing of new non contact bore sensor.
  • Sensor tested to 300m in central Waikato ground water bore.
  • Able to interface to most telemetry systems.
  • Contact us for on farm trial.



Hydro Energy On your Farm

  • Small-scale hydro schemes can generate electricity for use on the farm, business and home, and in some cases can also export electricity back into the local network.
  • Farms and businesses which export may be able to sell the electricity to a power retailer, or into the wholesale market.
  • More than 50% of New Zealand’s electricity comes from hydro generation, much of it through large dams such as Benmore, Manapouri, and Clyde.

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