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Rangitapu Station – Central Hawkes Bay



After suffering many years of drought in coastal Central Hawkes Bay, Rangitapu Station now store water for the summer period in their farm dam.

But having stored water is only the first part of the solution to droughts, they are now installing an Aquacom Farm Information Network.

Hydro Logic NZ Ltd designed, supplied and installed this ‘free to air’ network for use over the irrigation season to allow them to irrigate sustainably during the summer months.



Hydro Logic NZ Ltd has installed two soil moisture sensors in the cropping paddocks where the irrigation  occurs. These sensors connect via a radio link station to the base station computer in the homestead office.

The link station also collects rainfall data year round for assisting with pasture and crop management in ‘real time’.

The software at the base station will allow the users to forecast the need for irrigation ahead of time, preventing overwatering and system inefficiencies.


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