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New Zealand Defence Force – Waiouru Army Base



NZDF is required to collect streamflow data for the life of the consent and thoughout the year, at their secondary drinking water take.



Hydro Logic NZ Ltd has successfully installed a ‘telemetered’ water level station which allows us to monitor the water level remotely via the internet. We then develop a ‘rating curve’ which is simply a stream height vs stream flow relationship. This can then be applied to the stream height at any time to provide a streamflow to the regulatory authority to satisfy the consent requirement.


We utilized an electronic INW pressure sensor in the stream to measure the water level , and an Outpost datalogger/modem setup to store and send the data via the Vodafone network.


The plant operator can access the data via a secure log-on to effectively manage their irrigation consent and ensure that they do not exceed any consent conditions.


The data is hosted by Watercheck in Christchurch who are a specialist data provider linked to Water Supply Products. See data example below.






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